Buy Cyberpunk 2077 CDkey
Buy Cyberpunk 2077 CDkey

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This is truly a reinvention of the Tomb Raider formula. With a character driven story, the focus on the transformation from young and green archaeologist to badass survivor is awesome as it unfolds. The pacing is top-notch, as is the portrayal of Lara. The supporting cast, on the other hand, is nothing to write home about, as the moments when Lara is alone and vulnerable are easily among the best sequences in the game. Graphic-wise the game is solid, with outstanding art direction and eye-candy, if your system can support it; I recommend an AMD GPU (or a powerful Nvidia one with latest drivers) in order to enjoy TressFX and have a glimpse at the future of hair in videogames. As for, the buying process was simple, clear and their customer support was extremely kind and helpful. Got my keys in minutes and had no problems at all with the Steam activation.


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